The Pupperfish Introducing the Heart of Gold Collection

Introducing the Heart of Gold Collection

Introducing the Heart of Gold Collection

What is the one thing that you love most about golden retrievers? Is it that they give you a wide smile when you walk through the door? Or maybe it's the way they show their happiness by wagging their glorious feathered tails? Our favorite, however, here at The Pupperfish, is how a golden retriever can show you its heart of gold just by being in its presence. We have a long list of examples but here is one that will make you smile. We have a sweet little black cat named Mittens and she loves to hunt for mice. However, Ozzy, our 100 lb. golden retriever, does not approve of her actions. One morning while Ozzy and I were sitting on our couch, and I was drinking coffee from a heart of gold coffee mug, I noticed that Mittens was watching a cabinet across the room with a rather intense glaze. She was on the hunt. When she went to investigate more closely, Ozzy jumped off the couch, ran across the room and blocked her from getting any closer to the cabinet. She tried to work herself around him and he actually growled a little. He was protecting the mouse! He then planted himself on his side and made it impossible for her to get any closer. He stayed there for a long time. And eventually, Mittens gave up and moved on. Ozzy's mission was successful. He used his innate heart of gold and saved the life of a mouse! 

Be sure to check out our Heart of Gold Collection. We believe it captures the spirit of golden retrievers! Shop Heart of Gold golden retriever themed potholders, coffee mugs, tea towels, kitchen aprons, insulated water bottlesglass cutting boards, and coasters. We even offer an adorable golden retriever heart of gold clutch bag to take your golden with you wherever you go! 

We also are offering a one time 20% discount on all heart of gold collection items during the month of March, 2022! Enter the code "HEARTOFGOLD" and start shopping until your heart is content! 

XOXO The Pupperfish

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