"Golden Lover" Unisex Soft Cotton T-Shirt Featuring Golden Retriever Design: Enhance Your Style with Comfort and Cuteness

Color - Pink
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  • 100% cotton
  • Light fabric
  • Runs true to size
  • Available in a variety of colors

Love your four-legged friend? Wear your heart on your sleeve with our "Golden Lover" Golden Retriever tee! Crafted with 100% soft cotton, it's as comfortable as cuddling your pup. Show your devotion with unique artwork that you can only find here! Make it your go-to closet option - your love will never go out of style.

Size chart:
XS- 27” (L) and 16.5” (W)
S- 28” (L) and 18” (W)
M- 29” (L) and 20” (W)
L- 30” (L) and 22” (W)
XL- 31” (L) and 24” (W)
2XL- 32” (L) and 26” (W)
3XL- 33” (L) and 28” (W)